Feel like an explorer in untouched Selous Game Reserve. Unlike the parks in Tanzania, this stretch of land is preserved as a game reserve, with no permanent human habitation. It is an impressive size, covering over 5% of Tanzania, Selous Game Reserve is bigger than Switzerland! It’s hard for even us to fathom that! Consequently, this reserve is a World Heritage Site. The Rufiji River that runs through it never fails to deliver stunning scenery and is the best place to experience water-based wildlife. The habitats within the reserve fluctuate between savanna, wetlands, and woodlands, making for diverse game viewing. With very few roads, and no souvenir shops in sight, a drive through this game reserve is truly the best way to witness Tanzania’s natural beauty.


Rufiji River – a popular tourist destination, you’ll have an unbelievable adventure floating down the rapids by boat.

Species: Selous has over 2100 species of plants, 350 species of birds, 60,000 elephants, 100,000 Cape buffalo and some of the worlds’ remaining wild dogs and black rhinos. It also has a large population of lions, Masai giraffes, zebras, hippopotamus, and crocodiles

Size: 50,000 km2