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Camping Safari

Jul 11 2014

Camping Safari


Lake Chala is one hour’s drive from Moshi and is an important geological wonder. It draws its water via underground streams that originate from the glacier of Mount Kilimanjaro. This lake can be visited prior to or after climbing the mountain. 


Lake Chala is the deepest inland water body in Africa with a depth of about 3,000 meters. Straddling the Kenya-Tanzania border and home to the endangered Lake Chala Tilapia, the lake hosts steep crater walls and is remarkably clear.


Lake Chala Safari Lodge is a beautiful area of some 700 hectares and is located on the western side of Kilimanjaro. It includes the whole of the Tanzanian side of the lake shore, spectacular views of the Mount Kilimanjaro and a meteorite crater.


The area has been maintained in its natural condition and is being developed into a conservation area. Aside from plenty of fish, Monitor Lizards, baboons, monkeys, elephants and antelope, other animals can be seen during the dry season.


Visitors can hike at the lake and have guided tours for bird watching, the meteorite crater and the water hole or just relax and enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air.


There are also full-service facilities in the area including a bar, barbeque area, kitchen, a storage area and communal and private camping grounds.

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